Scar Revision

Keloid scar

This condition is caused when the body produces excess scar tissue after trauma or surgery, which extends well beyond the area of the initial injury or surgical scar. Keloid scars can become itchy, painful and appear unsightly. The condition can be managed non-surgically (steroid injection) or surgical resection.

Mr. Ardehali has extensive experience in keloid scar management and has done research in objective assessment of outcome in this condition using 3-D imaging; which has been published and presented at the international level.

Hypertrophic scar

This type of scar comes about after injury or surgery and is confined to the area that the skin has been breached. The scar can be lumpy, red, painful and itchy. Although often self-limiting; hypertrophic scars can be managed through gentle massage and/or steroid injections.


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